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Random thoughts and periodic updates

Another Update


Time for another update to the blog and to the site. I still need to redo my entire portfolio, reshoot and reorganize my pages. And it seemed like a good time to update the design of the page. Eventually I'll get a design that works equally as well on mobile as regular web. I am pleased as I can be with A Small Orange, no problems hosting at all.

Moving Hosts


Got tired of GoDaddy and their support, then backing off of, SOPA. I think piracy is a problem but SOPA was not the answer. Nor is PIPA. Bad legislation gets passed often enough.

I am now with A Small Orange who had a good plan, isn't a SOPA supporter and has excellent customer service.

On a side note I have picked up an old enamaling kiln from the in-laws, as soon as I get the cord rewired (from an old two-prong to a grounded plug) I will start playing with some enamaling and maybe small size lost-wax casting. 

Happy 2012 everyone!

Update #2


Cork reindeer made for an ornament exchange

So it looks like I have ignnored updating again. I recently submitted to show some of my items at a local gallery but didn't make the cut. Not letting this discourage me, just need to build up my portfolio better and do more tweaks here and there on this site.

I have been making my garage into a more usable workspace so once I get welding bottles I should be able to get creating quickly.



It was time to redesign the site, support for iWeb seems to be going away and publishing the program has been difficult, I have to save it to my hard drive then upload the entire site to my domain. Time consuming and frustrating. I am using Sandvox now so I can publish direct to my domain.

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