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A brief Bio:

I was born and raised in the Mojave Desert town of Barstow, California. I built many car models, constructed with Lego, assembled Capsela and tinkered with other building toys. As a teenager I expanded into working on cars, especially Volkswagen Beetles. Post-high school I joined the United States Coast Guard and served for ten years at shore stations in Texas and Louisana and aboard three different cutters in Texas and Oregon. I currently reside in the western Portland, Oregon suburb of Hillsboro.

My entry in to formal art has been through welding sculpture classes at Portland Community College. I learned oxyacetylene welding and brazing with carbon wire and steel. I moved on to other processes such as MIG and TIG in later classes. I also work in other media such as drawing and painting and digital media. I completed a 365 day project of making a robot a day (inspired by Noah Scalin and his Skull-A-Day project) where I made a different robot each day using many mediums and art forms. All robots were made on the day of posting, this pushed my creativity and allowed me to experiment while sticking to a daily deadline. 


Putz House

My Vision:

The journey of creating art is fluid. An idea starts in one place but the process may lead somewhere else. Every creation makes its own path and I strive to find what each piece wants to become.

Showings -

Skull Appreciation Day Showing - Gallery 5, Richmond, Virginia. June 3 - July 8, 2011 Curated by Noah Scalin and Philip Cheney.
"Robot Skull Quilt Square" - Part of a charity quilt curated by Abby Davis, auctioned with proceeds benefiting Becky's Fund which provides domestic violence awareness.

This site is dedicated to the memory of my dad, Robert ‘Bob’ Zeliff (1941-2009) who I gleaned much of my tinkering skill and drive from. He was an incredible handyman and builder, not a day goes by that I don't think of him.

Robert "Bob" Zeliff & Betty Zeliff

Robert and Betty Zeliff

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